Made in USA
Designed to be used for stick and flux core wire welding and for use with a variety of other manufacturers' fume extraction MIG guns.
This new and improved version of our large machine was developed to be used not only with Widdervac nozzles but with a variety of other manufacturers' fume extraction MIG guns.  These fume extraction MIG guns need the extra vacuum and cfm this machine can deliver.  This collection system must also be able to reduce the amount of air flow delivered to the fume extraction gun in the event of the disturbance of shielding gases.  Our large unit does all of that and more.
Our largest unit comes with twin bypass motors.  When utilizing both motors, this unit is ideal for stick and flux core wire welding.  However, utilizing only one motor enables energy reductions during MIG welding operations.  The accompanying statistics show air flow as high as 184 cubic feet per minute are produced by this machine.  This unit uses our easily changed, large HEPA media filter.
Using your choice of attachments, this unit can be modified and then transported to service any type of work station.  Unit comes with casters for ease of transportation as standard.  Portability and adaptability are key to this fume elimination system.
  Specifications:   Voltage   70600 -110V / 70620 -220V  
      Watts   70600 -954 / 70620 - 1908  
      Max. Vacuum   70"  
      Air Flow   184 cfm  
      Weight   82 lbs  
      Smallest Particle   0.3 microns  
      Filter Media Efficiency   HEPA 99.9%  
      Filter Area   160 sq ft  
  Dimensions:   Length   37"  
      Width   14-3/4"  
      Height   19"  
These units have the same high quality materials, and the same kind of quality control as the larger Widdervac, but are designed slightly smaller to accommodate a less demanding load.  This unit utilizes one motor and removes smoke and fumes at a rate of up to 120 cfm.  This unit uses our easily changed, small HEPA media filter.  Using a variety of attachments, this machine is ideal for MIG, Tig, brazing and soldering operations.
  Specifications:   Voltage   70102 -110V / 70103 -220V  
      Watts   70102 -960 / 70103 -1176  
      Max. Vacuum   62"  
      Air Flow   120 cfm  
      Weight   44 lbs  
      Smallest Particle   0.3 microns  
      Filter Media Efficiency   HEPA 99.9%  
      Filter Area   80 sq ft  
  Dimensions:   Length   35-1/4"  
      Width   9-1/2"  
      Height   17"  
The new Auto-Start is an add-on accessory that will automatically activate your Widdervac machine during welding operations thereby extending motor life.
The Auto-Start is activated by current in the welding cable (either the electrode holder or the ground return).  There is a delay switch that keeps the Widdervac motor running after the welding current stops for an additional 7 to 10 seconds so as to purge the weld area and the Widdervac hose and filter of fumes.
Installation is made easy by just plugging the Auto-Start into the electrical wall outlet and placing the lead or ground cable into the current sensing device.

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