Made in USA
There are two types of filters primarily used for the removal of welding fumes.  They are:  1) Electrostatic Precipitators, and 2) HEPA filters.  Widdervacs use HEPA media filters.  Electrostatic precipitator is a method by which filter efficiency drops as particles are collected.  The electrostatic cells must be cleaned regularly, and their operation generates ozone in quantities large enough so that there is a noticeable odor.
HEPA filter media on the other hand becomes more efficient as it is used and is 99.9999% efficient on particles as small as 0.3 microns.  HEPA media does not generate ozone and can be fabricated into an easy to replace, long life cartridge filter.  Widdervac HEPA media cartridge filters are available in two sizes.  Our small filter #20297 is used in models 70102 and 70103.  Our large filter #20294 is used in models 70600 and 70620.  For special applications, we also manufacture a charcoal filter for each of our models.
The Widdervac Smoke and Fume Eliminator has an easy to empty spark trap which separates heavy particles and sparks.  It has an easily changed, American made, high efficiency media filter.  This throw away cartridge-type filter provides long life.

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