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Welding fumes increase the risk of short term and long term illness which increase sick leave costs and loss of productivity.  Research has shown that productivity has increased 20% after the installation of fume eliminators.  Capturing the pollutants at the source keeps your welders comfortable and healthy, resulting in clean air with less infection for everyone.  With long term occupational exposure to fumes eliminated, absenteeism due to occupational related illnesses are greatly reduced.
Our portable Widdervac spot fume eliminator reduces energy costs by passing the fumes through our HEPA media filter and discharging clean air back into the original tempered air environment.  Depending on the application, payback on energy costs alone can be as little as six months for your Widdervac system.
–  Our spot fume eliminators meet VDE and CEMA specs.  Properly used, our units reduce all pollutants, including iron oxide, nitrous gases and all particulates to levels that meet OSHA standards.
–  Widdervac fume eliminators are built tough but at the same time easy to maintain.  Typically they require nothing more than periodic brush and filter changes.
–  Widdervac's powerful electric fume eliminators are available in different sizes to meet YOUR specific requirements.  All models are available in either 110V or 220V and can also be run on DC.
–  All units are well balanced with large carry handles for easy transportation.
–  Magnetic nozzles are available for easy application at the welding site.  Handy suction cups are available for stainless steel and aluminum welding.
–  Widdervac systems are designed to capture smoke right at the point it is produced, preventing respiratory and epidermal contact.  Our powerful electric spot fume eliminators have air flows of up to 197cfm, whose media are 99.9% efficient on particles as small as 0.3 microns.  This is powerful enough to handle hoses up to 50 feet in length.  All hoses are designed to be lightweight and non-flammable.
There are three methods principally used for the removal of welding fumes.  They are:   1) General Ventilation, 2) Local Ventilation, 3) Spot Fume Elimination.  Widdervac utilizes the method of Spot Fume Elimination.  
General Ventilation is a method by which large volumes of air are removed from the building ( primarily directly above the point of generation ).  This method is very costly, and very inflexible.  Most importantly, General Ventilation is very ineffective as the fumes still come in contact with respiratory and epidermal areas of the welder or other personnel.  Local Ventilation is an alternative to the system but still consumes large volumes of air.  Unless used properly, Local Ventilation still allows the welding fumes to come in contact with the welder.
Spot Fume Elimination is the only method that uses very small amounts of high velocity air.  This eliminates the need for costly make-up air systems.  Spot Fume Elimination is designed to eliminate exposure to fumes and smoke to the respiratory or epidermal area of the welder or other personnel.  And when welding in enclosed areas, the Widdervac remains outside the work area while the welder only has to bring in the hose and nozzle.
Our machines are designed to capture the fume within a distance of two inches or closer, normally 3/4" to 1-1/2".  Consequently, we require less horsepower, are more efficient, and capture a greater percentage of the fume.  If properly set up, we get better than 97% of the fumes.
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